This Society has been founded on 12 November 2010.


For the perpose for the society unless there be something in the subject or context inconsistent therewith, the ‘Society’ means, the above named GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION. The ‘ACT’ means the ‘Societies Registration Act.’ The ‘month’ and the ‘year’ in relation to the Society means the year commencing on the first of April and ending on the thirty first March of the following year. The words importing the singular number include the plural and vice versa and those importing the masculine include the feminine and vice versa.

The General body of the Society shall consist of the members whose signatures have been subscribed in the memorandum of the association and those who will join the Society as life members and as annual members from time to time.


Area of Working

The Society will work in the whole world.

Head Office

Presently the Head Office is at Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab. Executive body can change its head office at its convenience vide its resolution. The working hours will be as per the resolutions of the Society.


An association or organization or institution interested in educational research can be accepted as a member of the association. There shall be no membership fee. Any individual having 20 years of teaching experience with good record of research may apply for the membership.

Cessation of Membership

Membership shall cease in case of resignation in writing by a member. The executive committee can disassociate any member after initiating disciplinary action against him if found guilty of any act which is preduicial to the intrest of the society or otherwise prohibited by the society.

Executive Body

The Executive body shall consist of the following office bearers: President – one; President Headquarters -1, Regional President-6, General Secretary (Academic) -1 and General Secretary Headquarters-1; and Regional Secretary -6. The duration of the office bearers shall be as follows: President -2 year, President Headquarters-3 years; Regional President: 3 years; General Secretary Academic – 3 years, General Secretary Headquarters – 3 years; Regional Secretary – 3 years. There may be some advisors and patron as per the decision of General Body. The no. of persons holding any of the designation above may be changed as per the requirement of governing/executive body. If a membership falls vacant within the prescribed period, the Executive body can fill up the vacancy.

The Functions of The Executive Body Shall be as Follows:

Duties of The Office Bearers of The Executive Body President:

The President shall preside over all meetings of the Executive body, the General body and other committees and groups formed by the Society. He/she shall have no voting power, but in case of tie he/she shall have the power to cast his vote.

President Headquarters:

The President Headquarters shall carry out the duty of the President in the absence of the President.

Regional President:

The Regional President shall carry out the activities of the association in the geographical areas being represented by him/her.

General Secretary (Headquarters):

The General Secretary Headquarters shall have following functions:

General Secretary (Academic):

The General Secretary (Academic) shall look after academic activities including editing of publications of the Society.

Regional Secretary shall carry out the activities of the association in the geographical areas being represented by him/her, in consultation with the concerned President.


There shall be at least one general body meeting in a year in which the annual report and the audited accounts of the Society shall be passed. Notice for the General body meeting shall be given 30 days in advance. If one half of the members send a written requisition to the General Secretary to call a meeting of the General body, such a meeting has to be called within one month of the date of the receipt of the requisition. There shall be at least two meetings of the Executive body in a year (meeting can be conducted using virtual mode). Fifteen days’ advance notice has to be given for such a meeting.


Quorum for General body meeting shall be one fourth of the number of life members and for executive body meeting one fourth of its members.

Resolution in Writing

A resolution in writing circulated by the General Secretary, when supported by a majority of the members of the Executive body shall be valid and effectual as if it has been passed at a meeting of the Executive body.


Funds of the Society shall comprise of grants from government and other bodies, donations from individuals and organizations and sale proceeds of publications, etc. The funds of the Society shall be deposited in a bank. The account shall be jointly operated by the President Headquarters and General Secretary Headquarters.

Financial Year

The financial year of the Society shall be the year commencing on the first of April and ending on the thirty-first March of the next year


Election to the Executive body shall be held as follows: President Once in Two years: President Headquarters and Regional Presidents (preferably one each from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America)Once in Three Years: Regional Secretary (preferably one each from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America)Once in three years: General Secretary Academic and General Secretary Headquarters once in three years. General Secretary Headquarters shall be one of the faculty members of the Institution or organization where the registered office of the Association is located. Elections can be held in a general body meeting called for the purpose or through post or E-mail. Persons not physically present in the general body meeting can be elected. In case, a member does not want to continue in the Executive body, the post can be filled up by the executive body. A notice regarding election should also contain the list of eligible members. Members of the executive body shall hold office for the specified period from the date of election or till election is held for these posts, whichever is earlier.


The accounts of the Society shall be audited every year by a qualified auditor or Chartered Accountant.

Amendment of The Constitution

The Executive body can put up proposal for amendment of the constitution before the General body. Such a proposal has to be informed to the members at least 30 days before the date of the meeting called for the purpose.


No member of the Society shall be personally liable for the repayment of the liabilities of the Society, if any.


In case of dissolution on winding up of the Society, all assets of the Society shall stand donated to All India Association for Educational Research or to any other registered society or to the Government of India after meeting liabilities, if any. When two third of the life members of the Society resolve to dissolve the Society, the Society shall be dissolved.