Journal of Educational Studies

Journal of Educational Studies

The Journal of Educational Studies (JES) is an online international journal which focuses upon the vital contemporary trends and issues in the theory and practice of education as a discipline. It invites empirical, theoretical and methodological papers including action research, case studies, critical reviews of literature, experimental and descriptive studies, Ph. D abstracts and book reviews from authors for publication. The authors are advised to follow the guidelines below in preparing and submitting papers.

Notes for the contributors


While no stringent regulation is laid on the length of the article, a paper normally should not exceed 5000 words.


The journal follows a policy of peer review of papers. The paper is usually referred to at least two external experts for scrutiny and comments.

Manuscript Requirements

Referencing pattern


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Electronic Journal

Gajendran N (2007) Adding Life to the Nanotechnology, Indian Journal of Science & Technology, 1 (1) 1-5.

Thesis / Report

Akbar A (2002) Analysis of Zone of Proximal Development in Graduate Teacher Training Program in Allama Iqbal Open University and Development of a Strategy to Achieve Incidence Using Delphi Technique, Ph. D Thesis, AIOU : Islamabad